Rhea Gupta

Rhea Gupta (23C) is from Mumbai, India, majoring in economics. Outside of the Wheel, she is a consulting team lead at the Emory Impact Investing Group, the vice president of partnerships of the Undergraduate Impact Investing Society and serves on the executive board of Emory's South Asian Women's Collective. She spends her free time watching stand up comedy, reading fiction and lamenting over the indecisiveness preventing her from concretely committing to a major. Contact Gupta at [email protected]

‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’ Soars Before Crashing

The value of art lies in an audience’s interpretation. Abstract art, in particular, is built on the narrative we create for it; we hunt for the heart-wrenching stories of extraordinary people concealed within sweeping brushstrokes of painters or the cursive lettering of writers. We seek distinctive art, and avid collectors are willing to shell out [...]

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Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Is a Breath of Fresh Air

I first listened to “Folklore” curled up with a book on a rainy Bombay evening. Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album is remarkably different from her signature radio-hit, ever-enthusiastic synth-pop brand — and it’s absolutely delightful. “Folklore” has an almost mystical way of transporting its audience to a hazy evening in a dark red brick cabin [...]

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Kaling’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ Is Occasionally Problematic, But Entertaining

Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) with her two best friends Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) and Eleanor (Ramona Young) outside Sherman Oaks High School./Courtesy of Netflix While boasting POC representation and masterfully engineered subplots, the recently released Netflix original “Never Have I Ever” falls painfully short in its portrayal of immigrated Indians living in America.  The show follows an [...]

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It’s Time to Overhaul the Private Prison System

This election season, Democratic candidates are leaping over each other to appear most informed on criminal justice reform. Although President Donald Trump strongly supports private prisons, 12 of the initial candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination opposed Trump and endorsed the total elimination of private prisons.  Harsher sentencing policies for nonviolent offenders during and after [...]

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Working at Home in the Age of Zoom

After Emory’s halls closed, I packed my things and flew to the closest thing to India that I have in the U.S. — Houston. Coming back to a brown household is always fun. Your many relatives’ voices will undoubtedly maneuver around every concrete wall, clashing with the sound of clinking metallic pots. Any quiet that [...]

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