Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan (he/him) (22C) is from Richboro, Pennsylvania, majoring in philosophy, politics, and law. Callahan previously served as a managing editor, the Wheel's sports editor and is also the co-president of Emory's Pre-Law Society. He is currently an English tutor at Ringle, and previously interned for his state representative and district attorney. If he's not at Kaldi's, you can catch him complaining about the Sixers or replaying the Batman: Arkham games.

Emory Student’s Olympic Dreams Delayed as COVID-19 Claims Tokyo Games

The unbridled spread of the novel coronavirus has forced the world, and its institutions, into lockdown as society desperately struggles to mitigate the pandemic. For former Emory Eagle Andrew Wilson (17C), this is just another roadblock in his unorthodox quest for Olympian status. One of the last major athletic dominoes to fall in the fight [...]

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Gambino Retires With Revelations of Self-Love and Social Dynamics

After speculating over the new Childish Gambino album just a few days ago, we have finally found out.  One week after the surprise release and premature removal of a new album, Donald Glover re-released the last album under his stage name, Childish Gambino. The album, entitled “3.15.20,” is comprised of the same 12 songs from [...]

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What’s Going On With the New Childish Gambino Album?

Amid a global pandemic, Donald Glover, ostensibly separate from his stage name Childish Gambino, dropped a surprise 12-track album in the early morning hours of March 15. It’s the multi-talented artist’s first full-length project since 2016’s Grammy-nominated “Awaken, My Love!” and his first musical release since 2018’s two-track “Summer Pack.” But in a relatively long [...]

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