Rachel Broun

Rachel Broun (23C) is from Carrboro, North Carolina, majoring in anthropology and women's, gender and sexuality studies. She writes for the Editorial Board. Outside of the Wheel, Broun often finds herself doing crafts, working for Theater Emory and watching "The Real Housewives" series.

Let’s talk about sex: Here’s how the Supreme Court wants to take away your bedroom rights

Emory Wheel/Chloe Yang Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) took a horrifying stance against bodily autonomy. Millions of people across the county awoke to the abject reality of SCOTUS reversing half a century of progress. SCOTUS eliminated the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy, overturning the precedent decision Roe v. Wade. [...]

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Living la vida local

(Emory Wheel / Anusha Kurapati) Most nights of the week, you can find two or three of my closest friends and I sitting in my apartment, gossiping and eating dinner. While we sit together, we recount our days, think toward the future and enjoy the closeness of Clairmont. I savor these moments, knowing that when [...]

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Editorial Dissent: Vote no confidence until Ortiz is reinstated as a candidate

Another year, another election scandal. I’m not writing an endorsement. I implore anyone reading this to refer to the Emory Wheel’s election guide and the Editorial Board’s candidate endorsements. Rather, I want to speak about the systemic disenfranchisement of students across Emory’s campus that SGA and the Board of Elections are continuing by failing to [...]

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Scorpio season is upon us, here’s what it means

On Oct. 23, the sun entered Scorpio, officially marking the beginning of a secretive and dark Scorpio season. This particular sign, which will last until Nov. 21, accompanies autumn in the northern hemisphere, and it pushes us all toward preparation and waiting as we prepare for the tough winter. As we hunker down and prepare [...]

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