Rachel Broun

Rachel Broun (23C) is from Carrboro, North Carolina, majoring in anthropology and women's, gender and sexuality studies. She writes for the Editorial Board. Outside of the Wheel, Broun often finds herself doing crafts, working for Theater Emory and watching "The Real Housewives" series.

Tired of Hearing About the Stock Market? Turn to Astrology Instead

(Emory Wheel / Alison Barlow) “The stock market is astrology for men.”  In recent years, Sherrod DeGrippo’s tweet, and others comparing astrology to the stock market have gone viral, claiming they have the same degree of accuracy. While the comparison may seem silly, with the stock market dominating the global economy and astrology dominating Tik [...]

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White Women, It’s Your Fault Too

Content warning: This article includes references to racial violence against Emmett Till. In a recent  live stream on Instagram, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) relayed her harrowing experience within the Capitol on Jan. 6, where white supremacists stormed the building and brought about destruction, pain and turmoil. She narrated the terrifying ordeal she experienced and even [...]

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Listen to Black Students. Stop Ignoring Their Pain.

This past spring, Emory administrators and students alike stood against the recent killings of unarmed Black people by the police. Pledges to work toward greater equity for students across Emory, especially Black, Indigenous and people of color, flooded social media. The rejection of racism came in the form of infographics, promises and well-intended statements of [...]

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