Rachel Broun

Rachel Broun (23C) is from Carrboro, North Carolina, majoring in anthropology and women's, gender and sexuality studies. She writes for the Editorial Board. Outside of the Wheel, Broun often finds herself doing crafts, working for Theater Emory and watching "The Real Housewives" series.

Scorpio season is upon us, here’s what it means

On Oct. 23, the sun entered Scorpio, officially marking the beginning of a secretive and dark Scorpio season. This particular sign, which will last until Nov. 21, accompanies autumn in the northern hemisphere, and it pushes us all toward preparation and waiting as we prepare for the tough winter. As we hunker down and prepare [...]

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Netflix is complicit in deadly transphobia

(Wikimedia Commons/Laurel Wreath of Victors) Following the release of Dave Chapelle’s latest Netflix special “The Closer,” trans-related discourse became a greater topic of debate due to the comedian’s attempt to juxtapose the levels of oppression faced between the Black and transgender communities. Chapelle makes a series of transphobic comments, including proudly proclaiming he, like J.K. [...]

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Tired of Hearing About the Stock Market? Turn to Astrology Instead

(Emory Wheel / Alison Barlow) “The stock market is astrology for men.”  In recent years, Sherrod DeGrippo’s tweet, and others comparing astrology to the stock market have gone viral, claiming they have the same degree of accuracy. While the comparison may seem silly, with the stock market dominating the global economy and astrology dominating Tik [...]

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