Hundred Word Rant: On Inequities in Career Resources

Fall means the advent of recruitment season for employers seeking to hire new graduates. As a graduating senior, I have first-hand experience with the disparity between opportunities available to College of Arts and Sciences students and Goizueta Business School students. College students cannot access the Career Management Center, which has a stronger outreach than the [...]

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Self-Segregation Defeats Diversity

I grew up in a relatively homogenous environment, surrounded by people with the same skin tone as me, speaking the same language as me. Needless to say, I was excited by the prospect of studying at Emory, which I thought would be a truly international environment, where students from all over the world come together [...]

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The Curious Case of the Chinese Economy

Ever since its formal proclamation in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has followed the pattern of a centrally planned economy, which was later supplemented with quasi-capitalism in 1976. This means that while the state still makes important decisions for strategic pillar sectors such as energy production and heavy industries, the concept of private enterprise [...]

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If we’re going to talk abortion this election year…

In every election cycle, women’s reproductive rights are brought to the forefront and discussed as a public matter. No unpleasant detail is omitted. While not much can be done to take the debate away from the public eye and make it a private, in-house discussion, there is much to be said about the problematic nature [...]

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With Economy Back on Track, Foreign Policy is the New Priority

They say history has a way of repeating itself. And sure enough, following 2008, America must once again prioritize its policy issues. This election year it seems like America’s priority is still the economy, but I believe it is time to bring things into perspective. The American recession officially began in December 2007, when an [...]

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