Transforming Perceptions at the Carlos Museum

Transformed by Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art, a walk through the third floor of Emory’s Michael C. Carlos Museum is a walk through the vivid visual history of our continent’s earliest inhabitants, featuring 118 breathtaking pieces from the collection of Charles and Valerie Diker. The Diker Collection has been displayed at the Seattle [...]

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Moon: Going Beyond Biology?

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics Three years alone on the moon. It sounds like the premise of a sci-fi horror film set in the distant future; perhaps the astronaut is marooned, left there by a mutinous crew, or perhaps he struggles to stay alive in the territory of an aggressive and previously unknown moon-creature. But [...]

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Which Lives Matter?

These days seem to be characterized by tragedy after tragedy: the deaths of Walter Scott, the Emanuel Nine, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose, Trayvon Martin and far, far too many others. There are a lot of articles circulating around the internet that discuss the technicalities of these recent cases of national torment, citing statistics [...]

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