Noah Gentry

Noah Gentry (23C) is from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in playwriting and business. He is part of Emory's improv comedy troupe, Rathskellar, and is an advising fellow with Matriculate. Gentry's interests include running, competitive Pokémon and the works of Shakespeare.

‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ is more than just a stage-to-screen adaptation.

This review contains spoilers….for a play that’s been out since 1606, so you make the call. When it comes to film interpretations of Shakespeare’s work, there are a million options with only a few exceptional standouts. Adaptations of Shakespeare are often bogged down with reductive casting, gimmicky reimaginings or simply being little more than the [...]

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The art that helped me through 2021

While life has continued to provide highs and lows for us all, art has proven to be a remedy and an escape. Because of this, we decided to ask our Arts and Entertainment staff to tell us what art aided them throughout 2021, from addicting video games to exhilarating performances. 1. ‘Charli’ by Charli XCX [...]

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