Author: Niraj Naik

TEDxEmory Experiments With Comedy

A stark black background. Big red letters. One speaker, centerstage. This is the classic recipe for TEDxEmory speeches. However, none of these elements were present at the quiet, intimate setting of the social justice...

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CLC Worker Constructs Life of Art, Purpose

Campus Life Center (CLC) construction worker Michigan Moses Goldsby likened his daily routine to going hunting — one of a few analogies he often makes about his life. “You [have to] be in a certain psychological space to endure...

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Short Notice Gifts for Long-term Relationships

With less than a week remaining until everyone’s least favorite romantic holiday, it’s probably time to think about what to do with your significant other for this year’s Valentine Day. While you may feel inclined to evaluate...

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Testing the Waters at Deep End

Everyone loves a good taco. But like some catfishers on Tinder, taco places often leave you with a haphazard, loosely constructed meal — a meal that forces you to find another restaurant and splurge on a second dinner. After...

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