Musa Ya-Sin

Musa Ya-Sin (21C) is from Decatur, Georgia, majoring in history. Before transferring to Emory in Fall 2019, Ya-Sin attended Georgia State University. An aspiring law student, Ya-Sin enjoys video games, volunteering and cooking.

John Lewis, Esteemed Congressman and Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 80

U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) speaks to students on Oct. 31 in Harland Cinema, encouraging them to support Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams' campaign./Ayushi Agarwal, Photo Editor John Lewis, a U.S. congressman and civil rights icon who began his lifelong fight for racial justice as a college student, died on Friday. He was 80.  His [...]

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Creative Writing Program Director Jericho Brown Reflects on Pulitzer Prize Win

Director of the Creative Writing Program and Winship Distinguished Research Professor in Creative Writing Jericho Brown./ Courtesy Emory Photo Jericho Brown, Winship Distinguished Research Professor in Creative Writing and director of the Creative Writing Program, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in poetry on May 4 for his most recent collection, “The Tradition.” This collection was [...]

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Students Return From Italy, University Prepares For COVID-19 Outbreak

Helen Bradshaw, Contributing In the wake of the University’s decision to cancel all Spring 2020 study abroad programs in Italy, all nine Emory students in the country will have left by Friday, according to Associate Dean for International and Summer Programs Sarah Gouzoules.  “Due to the challenges of rearranging travel, not all students have been [...]

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News Roundup | 2.26.2020

Kurupassery Elected RHA President The Residence Hall Association (RHA) announced on Feb. 20 that Akash Kurupassery (22C) was elected RHA president. Kurupassery ran unopposed and collected 83.4% of the vote. Qiao Jiao (22C) was elected executive vice president, obtaining 61.92% of the vote. Emily Wang (23C) did not secure a majority in the election for [...]

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