Maya Rezak

Maya Rezak (she/her 25C) is from Plainview, New York, and plans to major in Political Science and Mathematics. She enjoys doing 3D puzzles and listening to Broadway musical cast albums.

Democrats should run on moderate platforms in 2022

(Creative Commons/ DonkeyHotey) In the aftermath of Election Day last year, Democrats performed worse than expected in key races in New Jersey and Virginia. As the 2022 midterm elections approach, the results of last November’s elections call Democrats’ ability to maintain control of Congress into question, as the party in power historically loses seats. If [...]

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The show must go on(line)

After a long year and a half without live theater, Broadway finally reopened this fall. While many hoped less tourism, numerous COVID restrictions and the rise in streamable shows would cause a drop in ticket prices, this has not been the case so far. As theater begins its highly anticipated return, it is long past [...]

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Freedom of religion, if you’re a Christian

(Pixabay/MoteOo) The U.S. prides itself on being a secular country, but often fails to be pluralistic when it comes to religion, forgetting that tolerance does not equal inclusion. Each year, the most inescapable sign of this is the holidays that fail to gain most of our country’s attention. By leaving out the many other holidays [...]

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