Matthew Takavarasha

Colombian Ambassador Warns Against Death of Democracy

Jessie Wang, Contributing Ambassador of Colombia to the United States Francisco Santos Calderón, known as Pacho Santos, expressed concern over the future of democracy in Latin America and the Western world in a lecture at Tarbutton Hall on Tuesday. “I think this is the beginning of very turbulent times,” Santos Calderón told the crowd of [...]

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U.S. Senate Candidate Talks Government Reform

Derrick Tran, Contributing Former Mayor of Columbus, Ga. and 2020 U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Teresa Tomlinson (91L) stressed the need for structural reform in the upcoming 2020 elections during a Nov. 4 lecture in Tarbutton Hall. “Our government is very dysfunctional,” Tomlinson said. “We have a leadership structure that believes that government is the problem, [...]

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Canadian Supreme Court Justice Disappointed by Lack of Progress in International Human Rights

Derrick Tran, Contributing Canadian Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella stressed the importance of pursuing universal democratic values and human rights in an emotional speech at the eighth annual David J. Bederman Lecture, held in the Tull Auditorium at the Emory School of Law. Speaking on the state of international law, Abella described what she saw [...]

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Campus Climate Survey Finds Disparities in Sexual Violence Prevention Training

Isaiah Poritz, News Editor Although students are taking a more active role in sexual violence prevention, Emory must continue sexual assault prevention efforts, according to Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education at the Rollins School of Public Health Jessica Sales. The Emory Student Community Well-Being Survey, released Tuesday, summarizes student experiences with regard [...]

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Tara Westover on Being ‘Educated’

Jessie Wang, Contributing Historian and award-winning memoirist Tara Westover discussed themes of family and education in her memoir “Educated” at the Emory Student Center on Sept. 26. “Educated” has won over a dozen awards and was named Book of the Year by the American Booksellers Association. The bestselling memoir chronicles Westover’s upbringing as a Mormon [...]

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