Martin Shane Li

Martin Shane Li (22Ox) is from Rockville, Maryland, majoring in philosophy and minoring in Chinese. Outside the Wheel, he is a humanities editor and co-publicity chair at the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal, an editor at the Phoenix literary magazine, and Vice President of the Oxford Leftist Coalition. He is a coffee nerd, and also enjoys cooking.

Oxford College Doesn’t Care About Their Sophomores

On Oct. 15, sophomores at Oxford College received the news that they will not be returning to campus for spring semester. This means that the Class of 2021 will have only spent a semester and a half on the Oxford campus before transitioning to the Atlanta campus for their junior year.  Fielding questions from sophomores [...]

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Emory Is Not an Environmentally Friendly Institution

When I first arrived on campus this year, I was pleasantly surprised by Emory’s active effort to communicate their climate goals and the presence of recycling and composting bins in lieu of trash cans.  Despite such measures, Emory is far from being entirely environmentally friendly. Emory maintains close ties with the mass-polluting Coca-Cola Company, and [...]

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Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis Warrants No Sympathy

On Oct. 2, the White House announced President Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 and would receive care at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. During the two days he spent in hospital, many Democrats respectfully wished the president a speedy recovery. I don’t believe, however, that he was deserving of such respect. Trump [...]

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Democrats: It’s Unethical to Deny Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

On Sept. 18, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away from complications due to pancreatic cancer. She never wavered from her liberal principles, writing thoughtful majority opinions in landmark gender discrimination and environmental cases and fiery dissents in abortion-related cases. May she rest in power. Without much time for Americans to grieve, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) [...]

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