Madison Stephens

Assistant Copy Editor | [email protected] Madi Stephens (21C) is from Little Rock, Ark., majoring in English and political science. She previously served as an Editorial Board member and interned with the Arkansas Press Association. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys reading, exploring Atlanta and offering unsolicited, spicy opinions.

Voluntourism is Self-Serving, Harmful to Communities

Whether it’s celebrities or ordinary teens with an organized secular group, the practice of traveling outside the United States for a service trip has become a widespread practice — and a multi-billion dollar industry. While this activity seems noble, the voluntourism industry often serves as a feel-good activity that doesn’t address problems at their roots. [...]

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Warren: Qualified, But Unelectable

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced her entrance into the 2020 presidential race, the backlash was immediate. In a December article, the Boston Globe’s editorial board pegged Warren as a “divisive figure,” arguing instead for a candidate with a “unifying voice” to reunite the country after President Donald J. Trump’s administration. On the surface, the [...]

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Since When Is Tuition Not Enough?

In the past month, I have received the typical bombardment of emails from various Emory offices and departments. Usually, I delete the bureaucratic spam without reading it and move on with my day. However, the preview line “Show your love for Emory” with a heart emoji caught my eye. Despite the incessant emails, I love [...]

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Trump’s Hurricane Florence Tweetstorm Detestable

Hurricane Florence devastated the East coast, but it also brought on a presidential tweetstorm. President Donald J. Trump’s tweets, which ranged from praising his own containment efforts to retweeting emergency agencies posting updates about the storm, echo the self-centered sentiments he has spewed since taking office. At the onset of Florence, the president harkened back [...]

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