Madeline Lutwyche

Associate Editor | [email protected] Madeline Lutwyche (20C) is from Baltimore and studies math and computer science. After serving as opinion editor from Fall 2017 to Spring 2019, Lutwyche is now an associate editor. This past summer, she worked as a software development intern for IBM and spent Fall 2019 abroad in Salamanca, Spain. If you can't find her, she's probably taking a nap somewhere in the Wheel offices.

Watch What You Read Online

I awoke last week to a notification from my Flipboard news app promoting an article headlined “Earth is About to Enter a 30-Year ‘Mini Ice Age’ as a ‘Solar Minimum’ Grips The Planet.” After reading a few paragraphs, I scrolled to the top of the page. The piece was published on Mashable, a site which [...]

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SAF Hike Wasted On Careless SGA

The projected cumulative rate of U.S. inflation from 2015 to 2019 is 6.1 percent. If the Student Activity Fee (SAF) from 2015-2016 were increased by 6.1 percent, it would amount to $97.61 per student. In Student Government Association (SGA)’s email to undergraduates, the “projected” 2019-2020 SAF is listed as $103.50, an increase of over 9 [...]

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Hundred Word Rants: On the Oxford Comma

According to the Associated Press Stylebook, to which The Emory Wheel adheres, the Oxford comma, which appears before the coordinating conjugation in a list, should be omitted. Opponents claim the comma is unnecessary and cite a certain clunkiness, whose offensiveness is apparently more important than ensuring clear and consistent language. The Oxford comma alleviates ambiguity, [...]

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Leave Me Alone, Please

You are sitting alone in your room enjoying a moment of solitude when a friend barges in unannounced and begins monologuing about their overwhelming workload. Or worse, they tell you about the hilarious Buzzfeed quiz they just took. For most, this scenario is not only undesirable — it’s unacceptable. So why does that kind of [...]

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Diversity Presentation Entirely Useless

As a product of the private education system, I’ve suffered through innumerable talks on “diversity and inclusion.” Most have been subpar, and the presentation given to Emory student-athletes by NFL player Kelvin Beachum last Friday was undoubtedly subpar. The talk, delivered in Cox Ballroom, began with a cliched, slightly embarrassing introduction by Emory Director of [...]

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