Madeline Bryce

Madeline Bryce (21Ox, 23C) is from Pelham, New York, majoring in international studies on a pre-law track. Outside of the Wheel, she is the Chief Justice of the Oxford Student Government Association and co-President of Outdoor Oxford. In her free time, she enjoys reading, working out with friends and talking about politics.

‘Art for Heart’ Unites Activism and Art

As the world battles COVID-19, climate change and rising political tensions, the past couple months have been jarring and challenging for people all over the globe. During these tumultuous times, Yifei Gao (23C) founded the nonprofit organization, Art for Heart, which is dedicated to raising awareness and fundraising for various social and political issues, including [...]

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Chef, Dentist Fuses Indian & American Cuisine

Reality TV star and local chef Farhan Momin (13Ox, 15C) hosted a live cooking demonstration titled "From Murdy Kitchen to MasterChef" at the Greer Forum on Feb. 5 in honor of the grand opening of the new Oxford Student Center.  Momin, a first generation Indian-American from the Atlanta area, returned to his alma mater with [...]

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