Liam Sherman

Liam Sherman is from Los Angeles, California, majoring in film studies and business. Some might see his endless consumption of movies, music and '90s sitcoms as typical procrastination, but he sees it as research... his family doesn’t. When he isn’t doing “research,” Liam works on his screenplays while enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Valdimar Jóhannsson displays immense courage with his theatrical debut ‘Lamb’

At this point in time, it is difficult for me to see those glorious alphanumeric characters “A24” without feeling immense anticipation. The company has not only become synonymous with remarkable cinema, but also originality. With a catalogue of films so distinguished (“Moonlight,” “The Lighthouse,” “Uncut Gems,” etc.), the production company has made it apparent that [...]

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In memory of Groggs: Injury Reserve’s new album beautifully says goodbye to their beloved member and friend

It would be impossible to review “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” without first addressing the death of the massively talented rapper Jordan Alexander Groggs, stage name Stepa J. Groggs, a member of Injury Reserve who is dearly missed. The tragic loss serves as the album’s overarching theme; the darkness from this misfortune seeps [...]

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