Lauren Blaustein

Lauren Blaustein (23C) is from Morristown, New Jersey, majoring in psychology and history with a law, economics and human rights concentration. Outside of the Wheel, she serves on Emory Synapse’s Peer Support Committee and is involved in Emory Hillel, Active Minds and The Women’s Network.

Spilling the Tea on Kaldi’s Teas

If you’re like me and don’t enjoy coffee as a source of caffeine, tea is the perfect substitute. In addition to always needing a cup of tea to kick-start my day, an extra boost of caffeine is especially necessary with finals just around the corner. Tea lovers, I did the hard work for you. I [...]

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Students and Alumni Spearhead Sustainable Fashion Nonprofits

In recent years, as Americans have become increasingly concerned about climate change, the fashion industry has been scrutinized for its detrimental effects on the environment. Through apparel brand ONDO and student-led organization altKEY, Daniel Shim (15C) and Kaitlin Zhang (23C), respectively, are pioneers for the sustainable fashion movement, which aims to reduce the ecological impact [...]

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Emory’s To-Go Style Meals Miss the Mark

As if adjusting to new work standards and having to say goodbye to beloved family dinners isn’t difficult in and of itself, first-years also have to deal with limited and expensive on-campus dining options at the Dobbs Common Table (DCT) and The Depot by Kaldi’s Coffee. Student dining plans have changed entirely due to COVID-19, [...]

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