Freshmen Weigh In On Triple Rooms

Move-in week consists of hundreds of excited freshmen, dozens of minivans and U-Hauls and absolute pandemonium. The process of selecting housing can appear fairly straightforward, but with housing only guaranteed for freshmen and sophomores, trying to find housing as an upperclassman can be difficult. This academic year, campus housing reached maximum capacity in all dormitories, according [...]

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Korean Anju Spices Up Grant Park

Kiera Xanthos/Contributing Writer Nestled in a back parking lot off Memorial Drive, Revelator Coffee Company in Grant Park has hosted Korean pop-up “Anju” since Jan.11. Named for the Korean term for small dishes served with alcohol, Anju brings a pleasant scent of stir fry instead of the coffee-ground smell that’s typical to a coffee shop. [...]

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Al Forno’s Pizza Performs Poorly

As a busy college student, when meal swipes and Dooley Dollars are running low, the first easy, cheap meal is pizza. It’s a simple carb load before any exam. But the next time a pizza order is brought up, skip Al Forno’s. A new restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta, the pizzeria is a carry-out and [...]

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Put Your Pasta in Perspective

You. Yes, you. Put down that Kraft Easy Mac. Why waste another three minutes staring at a dimly lit microwave on a late Wednesday night, waiting in anticipation for your steaming cup of pre-portioned mac and cheese? That processed, dehydrated, powdered snack isn’t really going to fill you up. In honor of Oct. 17 being [...]

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A Serene Spot to ‘Spill’ Out

Just a couple doors down from Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, Spiller Park Coffee is a brand new coffee house close to campus, ideal for any caffeine addict seeking a new haunt. Opened only two weeks ago, the decor in the dorm-sized cafe is half finished: The walls are half decorated with vinyl albums, and [...]

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