Freshmen Weigh In On Triple Rooms

Move-in week consists of hundreds of excited freshmen, dozens of minivans and U-Hauls and absolute pandemonium. The process of selecting housing can appear fairly straightforward, but with housing only guaranteed for freshmen...

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Korean Anju Spices Up Grant Park

Nestled in a back parking lot off Memorial Drive, Revelator Coffee Company in Grant Park has hosted Korean pop-up “Anju” since Jan.11. Named for the Korean term for small dishes served with alcohol, Anju brings a pleasant scent...

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Al Forno’s Pizza Performs Poorly

As a busy college student, when meal swipes and Dooley Dollars are running low, the first easy, cheap meal is pizza. It’s a simple carb load before any exam. But the next time a pizza order is brought up, skip Al Forno’s. A new...

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Put Your Pasta in Perspective

You. Yes, you. Put down that Kraft Easy Mac. Why waste another three minutes staring at a dimly lit microwave on a late Wednesday night, waiting in anticipation for your steaming cup of pre-portioned mac and cheese? That...

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A Serene Spot to ‘Spill’ Out

Just a couple doors down from Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, Spiller Park Coffee is a brand new coffee house close to campus, ideal for any caffeine addict seeking a new haunt. Opened only two weeks ago, the decor in the...

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