Kelsey Klosterman

AHANA Dance Showcase: A Great Mix of Talent

Hip hop, modern, Persian, tap — these are only a few of the dance styles that were included in this year’s AHANA Dance showcase. The variety in the show was astounding; there was something for every dance lover to enjoy. Dec. 3 through 5, AHANA put on their fall dance showcase, a collection of dances [...]

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‘The Meantime’: A Unique Homage to Radio

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a show featuring horrific murders, fast-paced comedy, real-time sound effects and a few hip-hop dances thrown in the mix, then I have a suggestion for you. Theater Emory’s newest production, The Meantime: A Time-Traveling Radio Spectacle opened Thursday, Nov. 5, and it’s a bit of an adventure. The show, [...]

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‘Teen Titans’: A Prematurely Cancelled Show

Courtesy of Cartoon Network This is not the first time I’ve written about Teen Titans. It’s sort of my favorite show, even now, nine years after its cancellation. As a kid, I had a bunch of the toys, books based on the show, several original comic books and the 2006 admittedly sort-of-terrible console game. I [...]

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Anime Convention Allows Fans to Share Passion

Cosplayers gather to take a group photo at Anime Weekend Atlanta. / Kelsey Klosterman Nerd culture is running rampant, and it’s great. It’s always fun to gather a bunch of people with a similar passion, put them all in the same room — or rather, convention center — and see what happens. In this case, [...]

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