‘Sunset’: A Descent to Darkness

“Sunset” opens with a close-up of Írisz Leiter’s (Juli Jakab) face, her eyes piercing through a birdcage veil, directly into the camera. Jakab’s eyes hold steady through the cloth, the first of many times in the film that her gaze demands attention. Even as one of the store workers removes the veil, revealing that she [...]

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Arts and Dogwoods in Full Bloom at 58th ATL Dogwood Arts Festival

A scratchboard illustration by Chandra Jennings. /Courtesy of Michigan Art Gallery Though gray skies loomed over the weekend, the 83rd Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival began on April 12 with overflowing vibrancy. Thousands of patrons flowed into the stalls that lined Piedmont Park, transforming the park into a spectrum of colorful art, delicious food and bustling [...]

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‘Penguins’ a Heartwarming Tale in a Subzero World

Courtesy of Disney Online Though a penguin and not a princess, Steve the Adelie penguin proves to be another lovable protagonist in Disney’s collection. Disneynature’s Earth Day documentary “Penguins” follows Steve’s journey into parenthood. At 5 years old and 15 pounds, Steve is determined to prove himself against adult challenges, including protecting his family from [...]

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‘The Current’ Explores Chilling Mystery

Tim Johnston’s second novel, “The Current,” delivers a riveting mystery surrounding grief and murder wrapped in a tight package of character and prose. Johnston builds a memorable cast of characters around a poignant case, full of heart. Aubrey Sutter, a student at a Southern college, borrows money from her ex-roommate, Caroline, to buy a bus [...]

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‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ a Timely, Worthy Sequel

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures The “Wreck-It Ralph” franchise returned after six years to deliver a story as heartwarming as its first. With its depictions of social media, online shopping and gratuitous “Fortnite” references, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is unmistakably set in 2018. The story balances the modern web and ‘80s origins — between young [...]

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