Over Easy: Superica

When referring to food, “over easy” refers to preparing eggs such that the white is cooked while the yolk is just barely set to provide the perfect combination of texture. This column, much like its namesake, strives to provide the perfect balance of early morning sustenance and Atlanta culture. Krog Street Market is home to [...]

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Dressing for the Fickle Atlanta Fall

With New York Fashion Week starting today, the Wheel is bringing you a glimpse of the best wearable trends for this fall. Sure, models strut wild ensembles full of glitz and glamour on the runway, but what are you actually going to wear on a night out, to class or while studying at the lib? [...]

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Snehal Desai: The Experience After Emory University

Snehal Desai (02C) was recently appointed Artistic Director of East West Players in Los Angeles. Desai spoke with the Wheel about what he's learned from and since his time at Emory. [Being Artistic Director] is about moving East West Players to that next level as an organization and as a theatre of color. It's continuing [...]

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ResLife and Alpha Phi Omega Unite to Help the Homeless

Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Emory’s co-ed service fraternity, and the residents and staff of Evans Hall came together last Saturday to create sleeping mats out of plastic yarn from plastic bags collected over the past two weeks throughout campus. The groups then donated the mats to Church on the Street, a local homeless [...]

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