Kaitlin Mottley

Kaitlin Mottley (23C) is from Memphis, Tennessee, majoring in international studies and English. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys drinking boba, listening to classical music and catching up with friends.

Student Group Creates Space for Biracial Identities, Experiences

In spring 2019, film and media major Taylor McGhee (21C) was tasked with creating a short film for her documentary production class. Inspired by her experiences as a biracial woman, McGhee’s film focused on the modern implications of Loving v. Virginia (1967), a landmark Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage throughout the U.S..  McGhee [...]

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A Million and Counting: Emory Students Turned Tiktok Sensations

When Rishika Jikaria (20C) and Marissa Ren (22B) open TikTok, they don’t simply scroll through the myriad of videos on the massively popular social media service. Instead, the trend-savvy junior and recently graduated Juris Doctorate candidate at Fordham University return to a platform where they have garnered astounding popularity. With 1.1 million followers and 36 [...]

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Club Seeks to ‘Unmask’ Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Rattled by a pandemic that has completely overturned the traditional college experience, students have endured significant levels of stress. Aiming to support students through these mental health challenges, Jun Tsuru (20B) and his team of 14 students developed the Emory chapter of Unmasked, an app focused on creating a safe and supportive community where students [...]

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Students Join Forces to Fight COVID in African Villages

Thousands of miles away from home, two rising sophomores have built a fundraising operation to help those affected by COVID-19 in their home countries in Africa. Hailing from Nigeria and Ghana, Koluchi Odiegwu (23C) and Mary Yeboah (23C) have collected over $31,000 for hunger relief aid for rural villages within their countries.  On April 8, [...]

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Black Student Leaders Create Safe Spaces for Black Voices

In the wake of a resurging civil rights movement sparked by the recent police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and many others, Black Emory students have unified and created virtual and in-person safe spaces for other Black students to share traumatic experiences with racism and sexual assault on campus.  At a time [...]

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