AJR Brings Boisterous Entertainment and Electronic Hits to Emory

  Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, who form the band AJR, perform as headliners for Dooley’s Ball./Ayushi Agarwal/Photo Editor Matt and Kim open Dooley’s Ball, performing old hits, including “Daylight.”/Ayushi Agarwal/Photo Editor AJR brought their all to McDonough Field on April 13, as they headlined Dooley’s Ball alongside openers Prinze George and duo Matt and [...]

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Sony Showcases Entralling New Products

The lower floor of the Georgian Terrace hotel was transformed from a dull, empty place into an entirely new environment — a small, cozy room featuring some of Sony’s newest games and consoles on Nov. 27. Sony has taken on new challenges in making its recent products. Along with enticing plots and graphics for games [...]

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NSA Performance Has Audience ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’

The all-male group perform cutting-edge arrangements and beautifully harmonized a cappella classics./Kushal Bafna, Staff There’s only one place where you can find amusing parodies of “A Christmas Carol,” a scene from “The Bachelorette” and an a capella version of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way”: a No Strings Attached (NSA) concert. NSA, Emory’s [...]

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‘Loosen the Bible Belt’ Show Lacks in Comedy

On the last stop of their tour, the comedians behind “Loosen the Bible Belt” performed at Relapse Theater on Nov. 14. “Loosen the Bible Belt” infuses human rights and religion with comedy in an attempt to foster conversations between people with different beliefs. While the headliner, Kristen Becker, was able to coerce laughter from her [...]

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‘The Darkest Star’ an Addictive Start to Spin-Off Series

Four years after the release of the final novel in the alien-based Lux series “Opposition,” Jennifer L. Armentrout has picked up the narrative again with “The Darkest Star.” The Lux series follows Katy Swartz after she encounters a mysterious neighbor who belongs to an alien race: the Luxen. “The Darkest Star”’s plot is set four [...]

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