Joel Lerner

Joel Lerner (20Ox, 22C) is from Johns Creek, Georgia, majoring in environmental science. Outside of the Wheel, his interests include theater, music and books. If you want to strike up a (seemingly endless) conversation with him, just mention “Doctor Who” or TikTok. Contact Lerner at [email protected]

‘The Arsonists’ Burns Bright at Oxford College

Oxford College’s production of “The Arsonists,” which ran from Oct. 18 to 20 at the Tarbutton Theater, tells the harrowing story of a town that fears nothing more than fire. The bustle of the theater died down as Mr. Bledermann (Erin Eben (19Ox, 21C)) casually and slowly crossed the stage to wind up a phonograph, [...]

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‘School of Rock’ Rocks the Fox

Courtesy of the Fox Theater The set of the musical remake of 2003 film “School of Rock” changed from a fully constructed classroom to an apartment in the blink of an eye. The musical, which played at Fox Theater from Oct. 16 to 21, was a whirlwind of unexpected turns that ultimately detracted from the [...]

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Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ at the Fox Theater Grants All of Your Wishes

Courtesy of Deen van Meer The lights of the sign outside the Fox Theater shone just as brightly as the spotlights that would soon illuminate the stage. With vibrant costumes and special effects to rival the Super Bowl halftime show, “Aladdin” transported the audience to the magical world of Agrabah to follow the well-known story [...]

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