Joel Lerner

Joel Lerner (20Ox, 22C) is from Johns Creek, Georgia, majoring in environmental science. Outside of the Wheel, his interests include theater, music and books. If you want to strike up a (seemingly endless) conversation with him, just mention “Doctor Who” or TikTok. Contact Lerner at [email protected]

A&E Writers Talk Theater of the 2010s

As the 2010s come to a close, Arts & Entertainment writers have dedicated two articles to their most beloved music and film releases of the decade. To round out the series, theater critics Charlotte Selton and Joel Lerner share their hot takes on the most captivating, crucial and compelling theater of the last 10 years.  [...]

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Get ‘Wit It This Christmas’ With Ariana Grande Oldies

Courtesy of Republic Ariana Grande has been somewhat of a holiday season staple in 2019, despite her lack of Christmas-related music in recent years (unless you count the allusion to the “Mean Girls” rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” in her “Thank U, Next” music video). Instead of revisiting the brief moment of holiday spirit from [...]

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‘Charlie’s Angels’ Is Formulaic Fun

Courtesy of Merie Weismiller Wallace “Charlie’s Angels” might be aggressive at times with its nonstop in-your-face attitude, but it is a refreshing attempt to champion female representation in film. The movie is a take on the classic action series of the same name starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. But unlike the original, [...]

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‘Downstairs’: Thought-Provoking but Trapped in Gender Stereotypes

Courtesy of Casey Gardner Photography Plays stand out among other art forms because of the intimacy with which audiences experience the performance — only an arm’s reach away from the actors. Actor’s Express at the King Plow Arts Center continues its 32nd season by putting on an invigorating performance of Theresa Rebeck’s play “Downstairs.” In [...]

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‘Wicked’ at the Fox Theatre Brings Joy Throughout the Land

Courtesy of Fox Theatre Elphaba’s emerald green visage is possibly the most iconic in modern theater. It’s that immediately recognizable profile in tandem with her unforgettable story that make the success of “Wicked” unsurprising. The show’s enchanting plot and jaw-dropping performances have cemented “Wicked” in musical theater history. Having already visited Atlanta several times on [...]

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