Joel Lerner

Joel Lerner (20Ox, 22C) is from Johns Creek, Georgia, majoring in environmental science. Outside of the Wheel, his interests include theater, music and books. If you want to strike up a (seemingly endless) conversation with him, just mention “Doctor Who” or TikTok. Contact Lerner at [email protected]

‘Love, Victor’ Refreshing, Yet Lacks True LGBTQ+ Representation

During this year’s Pride, much of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies are stuck celebrating indoors instead of the usual parade-filled festivities. One way to celebrate, especially for college students a bit distanced from the drama that goes hand-in-hand with the high school experience, is to binge the brief yet sweet Hulu series “Love, Victor.” [...]

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‘Selah and the Spades’ Challenges School Coming-of-Age Story

Courtesy of Amazon Studios If I’m being honest, any movie release connecting me to the feeling of being back in school is a hot commodity right now. Even though it focuses on the high school experience at Haldwell School, “Selah and the Spades” is particularly relevant to Emory students because of the maturity saturating the [...]

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Ad Hoc’s ‘Heathers’ is Big Fun but Satirizes Sensitive Subjects

Courtesy of June Kwon What’s better than watching a musical that colorfully comments on the inherently messed up institution of public education in a way that’ll have you gripping your stomach in laughter? Ad Hoc’s spring production of “Heathers: The Musical” does just that with added benefits of well-choreographed musical numbers and witty character rapport. [...]

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‘Once’ Strings Together a Melody of Heart and Community

Courtesy of Greg Mooney Doubt often creeps in as we make decisions in our daily lives. In Enda Walsh’s musical “Once,” uncertainty plagues vacuum repairman Guy (Chase Peacock) as he contemplates his passion for music and his vision for his future. With the help of a lovable, charismatic cast of musicians, “Once” will undoubtedly leave [...]

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John and Hank Green Minitour: Live Podcasts for Charity

Podcasts are nearly always an audio-based artform; however, the Green brothers John and Hank brought their shows “The Anthropocene Reviewed,” “Delete This” and “Dear Hank and John” to live audiences in St. Petersburg, Atlanta and Raleigh. Longtime fans of both the podcasts and the brothers’ other work gathered at the Ferst Center at the Georgia [...]

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