Jonathan Fineman

Jonathan Fineman (24C) is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He intends to major in Economics and Strategy and Management Consulting. Beyond the Wheel, he is involved in Goizueta Investment Management Group, 180 Degrees Consulting and Hybrid Vigor Magazine. Some of his favorite pastimes include cooking and molecular gastronomy, tennis, basketball and ultimate frisbee.

The NBA and Yale University: An Unexpected Partnership

The adoption of a less invasive testing option with a rich history will change the way Emory protects the health of the community next semester. On Oct. 15, the University outlined plans for the spring, which includes a shift to saliva-based testing for all students living on campus. The saliva-based test will eliminate the need [...]

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2020 NHL Free Agency: An Exciting Time of Realignment

As members of the Tampa Bay Lightning took turns hoisting the Stanley Cup in an empty Rogers Place, it marked the end of a nearly 11-month season. While it is uncertain when the NHL will begin their next season, Tampa’s victory ushered in the start of free agency, a time when teams balance their salary [...]

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The Future of Fan Engagement Through Virtual Reality

In a surreal world defined by social distancing, the dynamics of professional sports have been upended in dramatic fashion. When COVID-19 made its mark on the U.S. in March, players and fans alike witnessed the widespread cancellation or suspension of professional sports seasons. The sheer speed with which sports leagues canceled their seasons was striking, [...]

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