Jeffrey Rosen

Jeffrey Rosen (23C) is a writer who is interested in music and movies. Some of his interests include (but are not limited to) British humor, the Grateful Dead and silly things. Contact Rosen at [email protected]

‘Promises’: A Potent Meditation on Ambient Spiritual Jazz

Filled with flashes of glee, regret, depression, regretful change and optimistic hope, “Promises'' is a serene meditation on these momentary and impressionistic waves of emotion, embodying a cathartic exercise in free jazz supplemented with classical and analog-synth orchestrations. This groundbreaking collaboration between the DJ Floating Points, jazz pioneer Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra [...]

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Daft Punk: A Legendary Career in Review

Someone once told me people are born knowing the Beatles’ songs, and that saying also applies to one other group: Daft Punk. Exploding out of the French house scene in the mid ‘90s, Daft Punk, composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, became one of the most influential and enigmatic electronic groups of all [...]

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JPEGMAFIA’s ‘EP2!’ Synthesizes, Simplifies

It’s every self-loathing, /mu/-browsing beanie-wearer’s favorite time of the year: JPEGMAFIA is back and more sensual than ever. In 2019, the release of “All My Heroes Are Cornballs,” was a bold step beyond his hyperaggressive industrial style into an even more bizarre storm of atmospheric and boyband-inspired auto-crooning. JPEGMAFIA, also known as Peggy, stylistically progressed [...]

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Mehretu Molds Geography, Color and Architecture at the High

Julie Mehretu, one of the most critically acclaimed visual artists of the 21st century, has made significant waves over the past three decades. Her contemplative works are on display with “Julie Mehretu,” the artist’s first career retrospective, at the High Museum until Jan. 31. A spectacular collection of abstract art, this exhibit illuminates Mehretu's oeuvre [...]

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Year in Review: Best Music of 2020

This past year posed unprecedented challenges for many musicians, who could not perform live and thus lost the incentive to release new music. While some mainstream commercial artists sat 2020 out, plenty of exciting albums filled the limelight. In a year lacking physical connection, nostalgia was central to the musical experience; music transported listeners back [...]

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