Jay Jones

Jay Jones (they/them) (22Ox) is from Tallahassee, Florida, planning to major in the humanities or social sciences. They are involved with queer, feminist, abolitionist, and anti-capitalist organization (including OxSPEAR and OxPride) and are always looking for more ways to transform themself and their community. Jones enjoys graphic design, mutual aid and spending time with their four dogs at home.

“Stay healthy” Is Not The Positive Message You Think It Is

Emory Wheel/Jay Jones, Stay Healthy Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the phrase “stay healthy” has become a common greeting and sign-off in our digital and in-person communication. It makes sense; we have been living with a massive risk to our collective health for the last year and a half, and many of us [...]

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Prison Abolition is a Queer Liberation Issue

(Emory Wheel/Jay Jones) The transformative possibilities of defunding the police and abolishing prisons have entered the popular imagination over the past year. Much of the momentum on the streets gained over the summer of 2020 has slowed down, but millions of people were exposed to the radical framework of abolition. Now that it’s LGBTQIA+ Pride [...]

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An Anti-Capitalist Critique of Emory University’s Rest Days

(Emory Wheel/Jay Jones) Considering the ongoing pandemic, Emory University’s decision to cancel spring break was a good one. What the University calls an alternative, though, are three supposed rest days throughout the semester, where professors are encouraged (though not required) to cancel synchronous class. But are these days truly restful? No. But we need to [...]

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