Janvi Pamnani

Janvi Pamnani (19B, 19C) is studying Finance and Comparative Literature. Her writing interests include alumni features and campus event coverage, and she is the Chief Development Officer of the Emory Impact Investing Group and an Orientation Student Coordinator.

Buddy Comedy ‘Blindspotting’ Tackles Racism

Courtesy of Ariel Nava The cultural plane is increasingly more receptive to discourse surrounding race, and “Blindspotting” is one product of this new shift. Longtime friends Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal co-wrote this complex tale that conveys society’s inability to see a complete picture because it is blinded by racism “Blindspotting” follows the final days [...]

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MemEmory Facilitates School Spirit

There’s only one place where a fraudulent third party, Emory Mail Services and the remote Oxford campus share comedic value: “Emory Memes For (not so) Southern Teens (MemEmory).” Emory’s meme page on Facebook hosts just over 7,000 members and more than 1,000 memes as of press time. It is one of the largest Facebook groups [...]

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Recess Grain Bowl Overcompensates, Underwhelms

Janvi Pamnani/Contributing Writer Recess in elementary school often meant shuffling a kickball around the schoolyard or hiding from lunch monitors in the trees. As I grew older and the other aspects of my life lost the innocence of post-lunch play, I found myself looking to those simpler times for comfort. Much to my chagrin, Krog [...]

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Munslow’s Highs and Lows

The Wheel sat down with Editor-in-Chief Julia Munslow (18C) as she packed up her office to reflect on her time on the paper and at Emory. An English and creative writing major, Munslow served as executive editor, arts and entertainment editor and assistant arts and entertainment editor. She has earned two awards for her journalism: [...]

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37.5 Miles: Love Stories Go the Distance

Urvi Agrawal/Contributing One hour to travel 37.5 miles by shuttle: This is a regular trek for Fiona Bock (18Ox, 20C) and Katherine Ahn (18Ox, 20C), each as halves of their respective Emory-Oxford long-distance couples. Both take the shuttle from the Oxford College campus to the Atlanta campus and back most weekends to spend time with [...]

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