Janvi Pamnani

Janvi Pamnani (19B, 19C) is studying Finance and Comparative Literature. Her writing interests include alumni features and campus event coverage, and she is the Chief Development Officer of the Emory Impact Investing Group and an Orientation Student Coordinator.

Emory Locales, Student Featured on Big Screen

From “Ant-Man and the Wasp” to “Pitch Perfect 3,” many recent Hollywood blockbusters have set up shop in the greater Emory area. Thanks to the generous tax incentives that Georgia offers to production companies that film in the state, Atlanta has become known as “the Hollywood of the South.” Emory contributes to this reputation by [...]

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Beat Procrastination, Take Your Studying Off-Campus

As syllabus week winds down and the semester kicks into full swing, you may find that your assignments are beginning to pile up, and that you need a full day’s worth of unhampered productivity to feel like you’re not drowning. As you hunker down with your textbooks, laptop and caffeine drip, you may consider taking [...]

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Screenwriter Farhan Arshad’s Move Away From Pre-Law Pays Off

Courtesy of Saara Arshad When choosing majors, the prospect of a stable job is often more tempting than a career of passion and excitement. Farhan Arshad (06Ox 08C), who was pre-law until he took a screenwriting class at Emory, chose a bolder path that did not guarantee financial security. Ten years later, his show “AmeriKhans,” [...]

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Harris Hines, Former Ga. Supreme Court Chief Justice, Dies at 75

Former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice and Emory alumnus Harris Hines (65C, 68L) died on Nov. 4 at age 75, according to his son Hap Hines. Harris Hines died in a car crash on I-85 North near downtown Atlanta when he was driving back from his granddaughter’s choir concert, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. His wife, [...]

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Hidden Gems: Spring 2019 Courses

As enrollment for Spring 2019 rolls around, students are once again preparing to grab a seat in a major-required class before the green circle turns into a cold, blue box on OPUS. If you’re grimacing at having to take organic chemistry or managerial accounting for your major, consider sprucing up your schedule with one of [...]

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