Author: Jake Busch

Emory, reverse the opioid stigma and put naloxone in accessible first aid kits around campus

Creative Commons/PunchingJudy In 1995 prescription opioids took the U.S. by storm. As pain began to be treated as a fifth vital sign in American medicine, pharmaceutical companies began aggressively advertising their powerful new painkillers while doctors started prescribing them, spurring the opioid crisis that has only worsened in the nearly thirty years since then. Emory [...]

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Georgia Republicans Will Regret Their Latest Assault on Democracy

It’s been a rough few months for anti-democracy crusaders in the United States. A record number of Americans voted in the most recent presidential election — nearly 160 million — and the wannabe authoritarian lost and then proceeded to incite a mob to storm the U.S. Capitol because of the lie that he lost an election [...]

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Black Student Demands Must Inform Emory Police Reform

Less than one month after George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, Emory’s Black student leaders called on administrators to defund and disarm the Emory Police Department (EPD).  My peers were not alone in their calls for change. Following mass protests against police brutality this past summer, college students nationwide demanded institutions to defund their campus police [...]

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