Jake Busch

Jake Busch (22C) is from Brookhaven, Georgia, majoring in history and English and creative writing. He also writes for the Wheel’s Editorial Board. Busch enjoys playing basketball, reading about and debating politics and trying different kinds of ice cream. He plans to become a civil rights attorney.

The GOP Is Officially the Enemy of Democracy. It’s Dangerous.

President Donald Trump’s refusal to leave the White House peacefully should not come as a surprise. From the second he announced his candidacy to the moment news outlets finally confirmed his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, he’s been a lingering stain on this nation and its grand democratic experiment.  Republican leaders had ample opportunity to [...]

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We Should Be Unafraid of a Police-Free America

“Abolish the police” is, for some, a knee-jerk reflex to unjustifiable, racist police violence against Black and brown people. For others, it’s preposterous: in a country where guns outnumber people and crime inundates local news channels, abolishing the institution intended to protect Americans and respond to such chaos seems unfathomable. Yet abolishing the police — redirecting [...]

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John Lewis: The Hero We Always Needed and Will Never Forget

Of all the signs I saw protesters carrying at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., I felt compelled to take a picture with one: the infamous image of a state trooper beating of late civil rights giant and Georgia Congressman John Lewis as he led a voting rights march in Selma, Ala. on March [...]

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Dear White People: Learn American History and Amplify Black Voices

COVID-19 is just one short chapter in a 400-year-long (and counting) history of systemic racism, entrenched inequality and virulent white supremacy that defines the United States. The virus that’s disproportionately infecting and killing Black people nationwide almost successfully distracted white Americans from the police violence that has always disproportionately harmed this community. With recent protests [...]

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Georgians, Say No to New Voting Machines: Vote by Mail

The 2018 midterm elections in Georgia were a stain on the fabric of democracy. Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp oversaw his own election and engaged in systematic voter suppression as Georgia’s secretary of state. Voting machines in various parts of the state malfunctioned en masse, and many voters in metropolitan Atlanta waited up to [...]

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