Jada Chambers

Jada Chambers (23C) is from Southaven, Mississippi, majoring in art history and classical civilizations and serves as assistant copy editor. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys wandering the Michael C. Carlos and High museums or catching up on sleep. She is open to conversations about Roman art, fashion history and, what she calls, "good for her" media. Contact Chambers at [email protected]

Exhibiting Culture: Hammonds House Museum displays far more

The Victorian house at the corner of Peeples Street and Lucile Avenue looks like an ode to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority with its salmon and sage facade. A bay window with a tall spire juts out in greeting like a lighthouse, while green stairs lead up to a pink and green checkered porch. This Victorian [...]

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Try to figure out which witch is which in ‘Fear Street Part Three: 1666’

This review contains spoilers for Netflix’s “Fear Street” trilogy and references previous reviews for “1994” and “1978.” Netflix’s highly anticipated “Fear Street” trilogy came to an end July 23 after three weeks of back-to-back films. The final installment, “Part Three: 1666,” thrusts Deena (Kiana Madeira) — and viewers — back to the very start of [...]

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‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978’ will make you swear off summer camp

This review contains mild spoilers for Netflix’s “Fear Street” film trilogy. Catch up with the first review in this three-part series.  After thoroughly enjoying the first installment in Netflix’s “Fear Street” trilogy, “1994,” I eagerly awaited “1978,” the next installment, during the week in between releases. My anticipation mostly came from learning more about Shadyside’s [...]

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Love is a supermarket floor in ‘Fear Street: 1994’

If you were like me as a kid, you probably read your share of R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” series — or watched the television adaptation in school when you couldn’t go out for recess. You also may have picked up “Fear Street,” Stine’s spin-off series for older teens.  Instead of “Goosebumps” supernatural thrills, the “Fear Street” [...]

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#Girlboss Scream Queens for International Women’s Month

Traditionally, women in horror films have been relegated to submissive background roles. From being nameless pairs of breasts slated for an erotic murder to enduring sexualized violence, women in horror are rarely permitted their agency — if they survive. Recently, these depictions are changing. Women are becoming main characters in horror, the ones who go [...]

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