Isaiah Sirois

Managing Editor | [email protected] Isaiah Sirois (19C) is from Naples, Fla., majoring in history. He previously served as the Wheel’s opinion editor, and the Wheel’s Editorial Board won an SPJ Mark of Excellence Award during his term. He also works on the Wheel’s award-winning crossword team. Outside of the Wheel, he writes and edits for FantasyPros and works for the Atlanta Urban Debate League. He is also a Franklin Junto Fellow in the Program in Democracy and Citizenship and he serves on the executive board of Phi Alpha Theta. Sirois is an avid NASCAR fan and he will be a Team Penske supporter until the end of time.

Crossword | 2.6.19

  Click here for the answers Across 1. Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” program. 4. Acronym for road that spans the Americas. 7. Visual language. 10. Slang word for oxycodone. 12. Serious attention. 13. Red-white-yellow cords. 14. Game to help learn names. 17. Latin for "matter" or "thing." 18. To strongly express disapproval. 19. Kraus, Brie, [...]

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‘Vulgar History’ Endures Actress’ Absence

Village Theatre comedian Lauren Schmuck was not supposed to be wearing a hot dog outfit at the end of Jan. 31’s “The Vulgar History of Atlanta.” In fact, she was not supposed to appear in the comedy at all. But writer-director Jim Hodgson needed her to be a substitute, and so his show went on. [...]

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Emory, Increase Support for Lower-Income Students

The holiday season would be incomplete without re-filing for financial aid and paying Spring semester tuition. It’s a time that wracks me with anxiety about whether college will even pay off. On one hand, I know the degree I’ll receive next Fall will be imbued with prestige. On the other, I get to watch my [...]

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Crossword | 12.5.18

Click here for the answers. Across 1. LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, ACT. 5. Odd person; Joker; Checking an ID. 9. Buckwheat noodles often served chilled. 13. Spanish appetizer. 14. Denoted with lightbulb. 15. Clapton, Andre, Trump. 16. Pedantic, nit-picky. 17. Common practice before spending 9 hours at the library. 20. Terrapin, Sweet Water 420, Jekyll [...]

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Crossword | 11.28.18

Click here for the answers. Across 1. "___, ___, you shot me down." 5. Polite party prerequisite. 9. To spread smells. 13. One, two, buckle my ____. 14. ‘80s TV series with Mr. T. 16. Indonesian tourist destination. 17. Rock, Lazlo, Walden. 18. Juvenile comeback. 19. ____ of passage. 20. Unit denoting one-trillionth. 22. “Ladies [...]

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