Isabel Packard

Isabel Packard (24C) is from Tacoma, Washington, majoring in philosophy, politics and law. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys singing in Emory’s Concert Choir, rollerskating and remembering you can see the moon during the day.

Drag in Atlanta, Contextualized by Queerness in the South

(Pixabay/nnguyen) Southernness and queerness are often constructed in antagonism to one another. In fact, 21st century novelist Brandon Taylor describes this in relation to his own identity by writing, “I thought that there was nothing worse than being gay and southern, that no two parts of a person could be more in conflict.”  Yet within [...]

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Classical Music Has a Diversity Issue: Morris Robinson and Representation in Opera

American classical music has a staggering diversity issue.  In 2014, Black musicians represented 1.8% of major American orchestra players. The New York Philharmonic has had three Black musicians throughout its history. In 2007, Morris Robinson, an Atlanta native and renowned bass opera singer, became the first African American artist to sign with a major classical [...]

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Jazz Trio Stuns With Musical Dialogue Masterclass

The saying has been on teacher’s walls, waiting rooms and my childhood refrigerator: “Life is a lot like jazz. It is best when you improvise.” However cliche George Gershwin’s quote may be, it speaks to jazz’s applicability to life as an art form grounded in spontaneity, conversation and connection.  Each of these communal processes were [...]

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