Author: Hidaya Mansour

Food Security Safeguard Program, community fridge addresses food insecurity at Emory

Emory University’s Student Intervention Services saw an 80% increase in students “requesting assistance with food-related needs” between the 2016 and 2019 academic years, flagging food insecurity as a prevalent issue at the University. Emory’s crowdfunding platform, Momentum, defines food insecurity as “the uncertain and inconsistent conditions that can lead to hunger.” Many students who experience [...]

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Kalimuthu elected Graduate Student Government Association president

Siva Prasad Kalimuthu (23B) was elected as Emory University’s Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) president, beating Shazneen Damani (23PH), according to an April 7 email from outgoing GSGA Executive Vice President Caroline Barry (20PH, 26G). The elections closed on April 4. A total of 295 votes were cast in the GSGA presidential election, with Kalimutu [...]

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