Hannah Chong

Hannah Chong (22C) is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, majoring in Sociology and Italian on a pre-law track. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys scouring for horror movies, thrifting, reading and taking cat naps.

A Guide to Navigating Lousy Roommates

Whether it’s your first time dealing with issues of the cohabitating variety or you’re a seasoned victim of Emory’s random roommate algorithm, quarantining in a small living space with another student can be a tricky situation. Here is a list of bad roommate situations you might encounter — ranging all the way from the sloppy [...]

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A Refugee’s Journey: Washing Dishes to Practicing Cardiology

Dr. Heval Kelli (15MR), a self-proclaimed refugee, dishwasher and heart doctor, battled political oppression and poverty on his journey to becoming a cardiologist. Determined to support aspiring physicians facing similarly challenged backgrounds, Kelli founded the Young Physicians Initiative in 2016.  As ethnic Kurds, Kelli and his family experienced discrimination and oppression in Syria, which forced [...]

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Emory Parents: Heroes on the Frontlines

While the world remains indoors to combat the spread of COVID-19, some are fighting valiantly on the front lines, risking their lives every day to help those battling for their own. As Forrest Martin (21C) and Alex Fukunaga (21C) self-quarantine and attend online classes from home, their fathers, Emory Professor of Medicine and pulmonologist Dr. [...]

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