Grant Osborn

[email protected] | Grant Osborn (19C) is from Springfield, Ohio, majoring in philosophy. He has been involved with the Wheel since his sophomore year. Outside the Wheel, he plays rugby and is an active member of the mock trial team. He is abroad Spring 2018.

Emory’s Response to Justified Protest Was Immature

Since 1967, the Israeli government has demolished more than 50,000 buildings in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, leaving roughly 140,000 Palestinians homeless. These are not disputed statistics. A few days ago, Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (ESJP) posted these statistics, along with a few other statements, onto the doors of Emory residence halls [...]

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Obergefell v. Hodges Circumvented Democracy

This op-ed was written as part of a two-sided debate series. The opposing argument can be found here. Though I have no strong opinion on same-sex marriage, I do have a strong opinion on how it ought to be legalized: by the states, by the American people and by democratic methods — not by federal [...]

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States Should Decide Their Minimum Wage

While one hour of work might not be worth a whole lot in Georgia, the state’s $5.15 minimum wage is a meaningless metric to begin with. The federal minimum wage, currently $7.25, prevents virtually all employers from actually paying employees according to Georgia state law. In principle, I don’t have a problem with a federal [...]

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States’ Rights the Best Option for Politics

Of the countless ideals of the West, perhaps none is greater than the idea of self-determination. A belief in that concept is what sparked our rebellion against England, yet somehow, in the last century, we’ve managed to hand our dearly won sovereignty right back to an equally disinterested bureaucratic leviathan known as the federal government. [...]

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Keep the Government Out of the Kitchen

William Jack walks into Azucar Bakery in Denver in mid-2014. He approaches the counter, places an order, and in the process, he so offends the sensibilities of the management that he is outright refused service. When the incident was reported to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, they sided with the bakery, saying that it should [...]

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