Gabriella Lewis

Digital Operations & Podcast Editor | Gabriella Lewis (she/her, 23C) is from San Francisco, California, majoring in political science and women, gender and sexuality studies. She hosts the podcast Wheel Talk. Outside the Wheel, she is involved with residence life and voting rights at Emory. She also enjoys national parks, eating ramen and telling people she's from California.

Emory Turns to Alternate Sustainability Initiatives During Pandemic

Despite Emory University’s inability to compost this year, the University has still sustained environmentally-friendly prospects, embracing alternative sustainability strategies throughout the pandemic.  Though many students have pushed non-pandemic concerns to the side this year, Oxford Climate Reality Project Environmental Action Committee Member Alexandra Aladham (22Ox) emphasized the importance of remaining committed to sustainability. Aladham added [...]

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Emory’s Compost is Going to a Landfill, Here’s Why

From the ubiquitous presence of green compost and blue recycling bins on campus to showcasing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification plaques on buildings, Emory University prioritizes sustainability, advertising a 70% landfill diversion rate last year. The University, however, has not sustained its environmental enthusiasm during the pandemic.  Instead, all of the University’s compostable [...]

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Vegan Leather Is Not as Sustainable as it May Seem

(Emory Wheel/Gabriella Lewis) As recent data supporting the sustainability of a vegan diet has surfaced, the vegan lifestyle has swept across the United States, and the fashion industry is no exception. Brands and consumers are striving to incorporate veganism into other areas of their lives. From this movement, the vegan leather trend has arisen. Whether [...]

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Nail Biting Finishes, Rising Stars and a Cultural Reset: The 2021 Women’s March Madness Tournament

Every spring, the world turns its attention to college basketball and enjoys the best performances of the year from collegiate teams. But this year’s March Madness tournament was about much more than basketball — it sparked a cultural shift for women’s sports.  In the first days of the tournament, players exposed gender disparity in merchandise, [...]

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