Eythen Anthony

Eythen Anthony (he/him) (23C) is a Creative Writing and Psychology major from West Virginia. His writing has been featured in the Viral Plays Project and the Lenaia Playwriting Festival. He's also a finalist for the 2019 Crossword Hobbyist Crossword Scholarship. In his free time, Anthony enjoys collecting Blu-rays, attending punk shows and reading. Contact Anthony at [email protected]

Eythen’s Blu-ray emporium: creature features

Chau Anh Nguyen/The Emory Wheel There once was a man named Eythen, Who liked Blu-rays for more than one reason. A collection that grew More than he knew Now his shelves are facing repletion. Over the decades, the “creature feature” genre has taken countless forms, merging with other film categories, such as slashers, and using [...]

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Pokémon GO Emory: the lively campus community catching them all

In the summer of 2016, along with many people around the world, I became hooked on the newest mobile game: “Pokemon Go.” Released by Niantic, “Pokemon Go” merged our world and the Pokemon universe by allowing us to interact with our surroundings, catching Pokémon and earning rewards like health potions.  The app developed a cult [...]

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A&E’s Favorite Releases of the Summer

What a summer for new art. We got albums from some of the biggest artists, from “Gemini Rights” by Steve Lacy to “Special” by Lizzo to “Renaissance” by Beyoncé. We’ve seen the return of the summer blockbuster with films like “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Nope.” T.V. series have also been increasing in size and scale, [...]

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My advice to incoming first-years: make art

I came to Emory in 2019 wanting to pursue a degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology. Growing up, I knew I wanted to go into a STEM-related field. I excelled in math and science courses, became lab certified through a 4-year Biomedical course and graduated second in my high school class. Science was my life, [...]

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‘Fresh’ won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth

This article contains spoilers. Since the mid-’90s, online dating has had a complicated presence in cinema. While films like “You’ve Got Mail” (1998) show the beauty that can be found in these relationships, more often than not, there’s an emphasis on the dangers and repercussions of virtual romances. From movies like “Bad Match” (2017) to [...]

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