Eythen Anthony

Eythen Anthony (23C) is from Cross Lanes, West Virginia, double majoring in psychology and creative writing. Some of his hobbies include reading, listening to comedy podcasts and watching movies. He's particularly a fan of horror, but watches all genres and enjoys receiving recommendations. Contact Anthony at [email protected]

‘The Infernal Machine’ Provides Hope for Virtual Theater

Among the many types of art affected by COVID-19, theater has taken one of the sharpest blows. One of the beauties of theater is its live aspect — the audience can take in the setting firsthand and return another night for the promise of something new. Although virtual performances have attempted to reignite the flame [...]

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Xiu Xiu’s album ‘OH NO’ is an OH YES

Two years after the release of Xiu Xiu’s last album “Girl with Basket of Fruit,” the band has returned with new genre-bending music. The experimental rock group, led by singer Jamie Stewart alongside Angela Seo, is known for their electronic melodies and avant-garde lyricism. While their newest album “OH NO” doesn’t veer away from these [...]

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Visualizing the South: The Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas

Ever since the 1915 release of “The Birth of a Nation,” movies have maintained a deep, complex relationship with the American South. Filmmakers have stereotyped, valorized, misrepresented and parodied one of the most complicated regions of the country. Their visions, although radically different in perspective, tend to be reductive. This column will explore the many [...]

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Love and Death: A Couple’s Guide to Horror Movies

Valentine’s Day: a holiday designed to reward those in love. While meaningful gifts and romantic excursions are commonplace for the date, COVID-19 has limited those opportunities. Although possible to abide by these restrictions and have an equally memorable holiday, this year is the perfect time to try something different. Throw out your Blu-ray copies of [...]

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