Emily Sullivan

[email protected] | Emily Sullivan (18C) is from Blue Bell, Pa., majoring in international studies and minoring in ethics. She served most recently as news editor. Last summer, she interned with Atlanta Magazine. Emily dances whenever she can and is interested in the relationship between journalism and human rights issues.

Civil Rights Reporter’s Memoir is Candid, Critical

Accomplished civil rights journalist John Herbers (49C) had just one college professor who suggested that racial oppression in the South might be worth examining. It wasn’t on the minds of his history or sociology professors, who brushed over the hints of accumulating resistance to segregation and the traction Gunnar Myrdal’s “An American Dilemma” had been [...]

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Local Politicians Discuss Civic Engagement with Students

Cobb County Democratic Party Chair Michael Owens speaks to Emory students Tuesday./Sarah Taha, Staff During Young Democrats of Emory’s “Dinner with Local Representatives,” Lindy Miller, a Georgia public service commissioner candidate, turned to a group of five Emory students and asked why they care about being involved in politics. Their “appetite for engagement” thrills the [...]

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Rosalynn Carter Recovers at EUH After Surgery

  Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, 90, underwent surgery for scar tissue removal on her intestine Sunday at Emory University Hospital (EUH), where she will recover for several days, according to a Feb. 19 statement on behalf of The Carter Center. Former U.S. President and Emory University Distinguished Professor Jimmy Carter, [...]

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Bon Appetit Workers Vote Against Union

Bon Appetit employees at Emory University voted 132-52 against unionizing Feb. 2. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) must certify the results, which can take up to a week, Bon Appetit Director of Communications Bonnie Powell told the Wheel Feb. 5, adding that the company will release a statement when the results are official. Southern [...]

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Rollins Student Seeks Funds to Stay in School

An online campaign seeks to help Anne Chumbow (19PH) remain at Emory University and reside legally in the United States as she attempts to raise nearly $30,000 in outstanding tuition costs that she cannot afford. For her student visa to be renewed, Chumbow, an international student from Cameroon, must be in good standing at Emory [...]

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