Author: Doolino

Doolino Knows Best: Festivities and Failures

Although we may still be a little overstuffed from all the stuffing, Emory students thankfully return to campus for one final round of complaining, classes and cataclysmic failure. Whether you’ve lost motivation, are dreading...

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Doolino Knows Best: Squirrel Abduction

Put away your Hershey’s and embrace some turkeys because Halloween has made way for Thanksgiving season. The climate is cooler, the stakes are higher and those repeated weeks of missing “just one more class” are finally catching...

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Doolino Knows Best: Burritos Before Bros

The sounds of fear fill the air as spooky season comes near. As my gorgeous physique begins to fill front yards along with other dead things, I am also summoned from my grave to answer your qualms. Whether it’s Halloween...

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Doolino Knows Best: Monikers and Muscles

The first month of the Fall semester is coming to a close, and students are finally settling into campus. But alas, some are still struggling to get situated, wondering how to get all of their food groups in after dark.  Dear...

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