Devin Bog

Associate Editor | [email protected] Devin Bog (20C) is from Fremont, Calif., majoring in biology and political science. He loves music, learning new things and the natural light on the main floor of Atwood Atwood Chemistry Center. Bog previously served as Arts & Entertainment editor.

‘American Football’ is Subdued, Underwhelming

Few musical groups create genre-defining works. Even fewer manage to do it within the confines of a single album. Though 17 years have passed, American Football still stands as a titan within the emo genre. It deftly blends indie and math rock influences in a novel and intoxicating way, the inventive instrumentation perfectly matching the [...]

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‘Preoccupations’ Delivers Charged Modern Take on Post-Punk

At times, the structure of contemporary post-punk bands starts to feel monotonous. Slightly alter  the tone of your bass, find a baritone whose voice could maybe, loosely, be compared to Ian Curtis’ and just like that you’re trying to be the next Joy Division. But that is not the case for the band Preoccupations. Sure, [...]

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Vince Staples’ ‘Prima Donna’ is Dark, Daring

The second you press play on Vince Staples’ Prima Donna, its mysterious atmosphere has already begun to press your mind. At first there’s silence, the quiet fumbling of a tape being pressed into its player. Then comes the low, droning voice of Staples performing his own deadpan, monotone rendition of the children’s gospel piece “This [...]

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