Devin Bog

Associate Editor | [email protected] Devin Bog (20C) is from Fremont, Calif., majoring in biology and political science. He loves music, learning new things and the natural light on the main floor of Atwood Atwood Chemistry Center. Bog previously served as Arts & Entertainment editor.

Off the Dial, On the Radar: Music in 2018

2017 was a disorienting year. Looking back feels like remembering a fever dream — all the details sort of blur together, washing in and out of your mind’s eye, leaving you with little of anything except a weird feeling of lethargic anticipation that’s hard to shake. Not to say that music in 2017 ever made [...]

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‘Villains’ is Criminally Boring

Courtesy of Reuters After a four-year break dominated by heavy touring, alternative rock band Queens of the Stone Age have returned with their sixth studio album, “Villains.” It’s pretty mediocre. Queens of the Stone Age has never been a particularly innovative band — their sound has stayed pretty consistent since they released their first album [...]

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Radiohead Ravishes Philips Arena

Courtesy of Robb Cohen After 25 years of international fame and touring, one might expect Radiohead to look tired, even resentful, on stage. This is a band that’s dealt with the weight of expectations, of fans and of critics, for decades now. But when you see frontman and vocalist Thom Yorke’s ecstatic, unrestrained dancing in [...]

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‘Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood’ Paints Vivid, Detailed Pictures of Musician’s Life

Courtesy of Spin Singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek could be described in a lot of very different ways: sober, maudlin, wise, rambling, talented, asshole, out-of-touch, sexist. He’s been deeply involved in his craft for the past 20 years, directly confronting, challenging critics and fans alike. He’s even the type of guy to curse out a writer during [...]

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Kidz Bop Kids Continue to Exist

Courtesy of ShowClix What is there to say about Kidz Bop Kids that hasn’t already been said? You’ve known the series forever: memories of your favorite childhood television shows are littered with those flashy, eye-grabbing commercials. Perhaps you even aspired to be a Kidz Bop kid yourself. Regardless, it’s impossible to deny the brand’s impact [...]

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