Devin Bog

Associate Editor | [email protected] Devin Bog (20C) is from Fremont, Calif., majoring in biology and political science. He loves music, learning new things and the natural light on the main floor of Atwood Atwood Chemistry Center. Bog previously served as Arts & Entertainment editor.

Bernie Sanders’ Congressional Track Record Proves Himself Electable

I was in a bar talking to one of my good friends about the election. I gave her my standard opening salvo for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): our institutions aren’t working, and we need a candidate who is dedicated to replacing them instead of making minor tweaks. “Fair,” she told me, “but the man literally [...]

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Kim Petras is Pop in a Pill

Courtesy of Ashton Gartner At 7:38 p.m. on Nov. 12, the power in the Tabernacle went out. There is no doubt in my mind that Kim Petras’ electrifying presence was what turned it back on.  Petras performed in Atlanta as part of The Clarity Tour, in support of her album of the same name. Petras [...]

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Editors’ Top Albums for Finals Week

Any Pixar motion picture soundtrack Annie Uichanco, Sports Editor Courtesy of Dan Goldwasser As a music composition major, it’s hard to listen to other music when you’re writing your own, so I rarely listen to music when I study. But when I study, I usually play film scores as background noise. Whenever I watch a [...]

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By Confirming Kavanaugh, the Senate Failed Women

Brett Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court justice. There were a few key senators who could have prevented this, but they did not. The Senate, in confirming Kavanaugh, placed any of its basic ethical sense below political opportunity. We have a responsibility to understand why this occurred and how lawmakers justified it. I’d like to [...]

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Mic Check: Wheel Weighs in on Bangers of the Summer

You might be able to beat the heat, but you won’t be able to defeat the sweet beats we’re laying at your feet. That’s right — the associate editors, associated after a sonic summer apart, are back to blow your world with some magical musical musings. Here are our favorite albums of the summer.   [...]

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