Demetrios Mammas

Demetrios Mammas (23C) is from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in political science and psychology. When he's not writing op-eds and reviews for the Wheel, he can be found working toward improving residential life as a member of the Residence Hall Association or volunteering at the nearby Veterans Hospital and Emory's Wesley Woods Senior Living facility. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, learning languages, being a Netflix fanatic, going kayaking and practicing guitar. Contact Mammas at [email protected]

‘Invincible’ Season 1: A Delightfully Raw Superhero Reimagination

This review contains spoilers.  After coming off the bombastic season two finale of “The Boys,” the Amazon Prime Video queue recommended to me “Invincible” — a show whose existence I only vaguely associated with its comic-book creator, Robert Kirkman. I wearily thought it looked like a stereotypical superhero coming of age story filled with the [...]

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There Is No Escaping the Fact that ‘Hades’ Is Phenomenal

This game review contains spoilers. During the winter break, I finally got the chance to catch up on a deluge of games I’d neglected throughout an interminable semester. As I went through them, trying to relax, one shined brightly above the others for its gripping storytelling, beautiful visuals, immersive world-building, fluid gameplay and emphatic performances [...]

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The Epochs of Goldwater and Reagan Conservatism Must End

The Republican Party is not what it used to be. In the 1960s, Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) spearheaded its push into hard-line fiscal conservatism, swearing to curtail government programs whenever and wherever possible. Two decades later, under President Ronald Reagan, the party established its preference for religious liberty over civil rights to curry favor with [...]

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Classic Books You Should Read: James Clavell’s ‘Tai-Pan’

After finishing “Shōgun,” I was eager to see how well author James Clavell would keep the momentum in “Tai-Pan” (1966), the second novel in his “Asian Saga” series. Needless to say, Clavell produced yet another epic historical fiction adventure packed with exciting characters, harrowing themes, astonishing detail and a narrative you’ll contemplate long after you [...]

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A Manifesto for Reworking American Capitalism

American capitalism has served as an inspiring notion of what Americans can achieve, but the allure of our style of laissez-faire capitalism has lost some of its spark. In recent years, we have seen rampant income inequality on the rise, coupled with increased economic insecurity that has been especially prominent during the pandemic. The rising [...]

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