Demetrios Mammas

Demetrios Mammas (he/him) (23C) is from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in political science and psychology. When he's not writing op-eds and reviews for the Wheel, he can be found helping out student legislators as a College Council Chief of Staff, working out with Emory Crew or volunteering at Emory's nearby Wesley Woods Senior Living facility. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, learning languages, being a Netflix fanatic, going kayaking and practicing guitar.

Democrats, ditch Trump and build back better

(Pixabay/chayka1270) Elections in Virginia and New Jersey earlier this month were devastating for Democrats. A statewide Republican sweep in Virginia cast off former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s aspirations for a second term at the helm, and Gov. Phil Murphy faced a near cataclysmic rebuttal to his re-election hopes and will govern with reduced majorities in the [...]

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Classic books you should read: Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Sundial’

After concluding “Hangsaman,” I can definitively say I fell in love with Shirley Jackson’s writing and her stinging critiques of U.S. society. Then, while searching for another compelling read, I stumbled on one of Jackson’s more comical works: “The Sundial” (1958). The novel is an absurd and dynamically constructed joyride with fascinating core characters that [...]

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College academics are a behemoth of mental health problems. Let’s Take a Wrecking Ball to It.

(Emory Wheel / Alison Barlow) What student hasn’t experienced some form of the ever-invasive academic stress creeping into their lives and affecting their mental well-being during their time in college?  Colleges serve as bastions for propping a competitive culture that pits students against students and degrades mental health without offering much in return. Universities take [...]

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‘Invincible’ Season 1: A Delightfully Raw Superhero Reimagination

This review contains spoilers.  After coming off the bombastic season two finale of “The Boys,” the Amazon Prime Video queue recommended to me “Invincible” — a show whose existence I only vaguely associated with its comic-book creator, Robert Kirkman. I wearily thought it looked like a stereotypical superhero coming of age story filled with the [...]

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