Daniel Matin

Daniel Matin (he/him 25C) is from Franklin, Tennessee and is undecided on his major. Matin likes to keep up with the goings-on of the Congress. He enjoys watching Ted Lasso and eating Chopt salads.

Democrats, ditch Trump and build back better

(Pixabay/chayka1270) Elections in Virginia and New Jersey earlier this month were devastating for Democrats. A statewide Republican sweep in Virginia cast off former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s aspirations for a second term at the helm, and Gov. Phil Murphy faced a near cataclysmic rebuttal to his re-election hopes and will govern with reduced majorities in the [...]

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In defense of Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin (Creative Commons / Ryan Stanton) In June, Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) unveiled a roughly $6 trillion proposal for a budget reconciliation bill that Democrats could move forward without any Republican support. The bill included aggressive climate measures and a plethora of social programs like free community college and universal pre-K.  This [...]

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We dig Doug: Vote Shipman for city council president

Courtesy of the Emory Wheel On Nov. 2, Atlanta voters will choose their next mayor. While that contest will certainly capture headlines, down-ballot races are just as important. Foremost among these races is the one for city council president, who is responsible for appointing committee chairs, breaking tie votes and is second in line for [...]

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Emory needs to fix its mail service

Illustration courtesy of Ha-tien Nguyen Emory students all know the feeling. Finishing up lunch at the Dobbs Common Table and thinking of checking for a package. You swipe your Emory Card on the terminal and send a prayer to whoever is listening that your package is there. But most of the time, your spirits are [...]

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Emory’s unclear COVID-19 policies are undermining themselves

(The Emory Wheel/Gabriella Lewis) Up to this point, the objective of Emory’s COVID-19 rules has been clear. In the beginning, the goal was to “flatten the curve” of cases and hospitalizations. As the fall 2020 semester approached, cases overwhelmed hospitals nationwide, causing thousands of deaths. Emory implemented a mask mandate, kept classes online, restricted gatherings [...]

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