Dani Parra del Riego

Dani Parra del Riego Valencia (she/they) (25C) is a half-Colombian, half-Peruvian Miami native majoring in international studies and strategy and management consulting. Outside of the Wheel, they are the first-year representative for Young Democrats of Emory as well as a member of the Model United Nations Travel Team. In their free time, Parra del Riego Valencia enjoys practicing Yoga and trying new foods.

Reclaim your life, be present

(Pixabay / dimitrisvetsikas1969) Powerlessness is pervasive. On those days where you feel like you can only exist in the spaces between meetings, appointments and lectures, the world seems like it moves too fast to find meaning in anything. Especially when coupled with burnout, a painful reality for many students, reclaiming a sense of control in [...]

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Ni de aqui, ni de allá (Not from here nor there)

(Dani Parra del Riego / Emory Wheel) When people ask me where I’m from, I have a split second to decide what answer they get. For the sake of oversimplification, I’ll often say I’m from Miami and leave it. If I’m feeling particularly conversational, I might mention how my mom is Colombian and my dad [...]

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