Claire Lee

Claire Lee (22C) is from Suwanee, Georgia, majoring in international studies and music performance on a pre-law track. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys playing the cello, reading, hiking, replicating impressionist artists' paintings and creating obscure Spotify playlist names (found at claire.lee2204).

The Challenge of Upholding Academic Integrity, Virtually

Based out of White Hall, the Honor Council serves to uphold academic integrity./Jason Oh, Contributing As students work from home fighting mental, academic and financial stressors, the Emory College Honor Council’s responsibility of upholding academic integrity remains pertinent now more than ever, albeit with certain changes to its procedures. The Honor Council consists of 20 [...]

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Kai Lin Art Gallery Exhibition Showcases Chaos, Change, Flux

With a gallery that has hosted over 100 exhibitions featuring over 500 artists in the Southeast and beyond, Yu-Kai Lin (01C), owner and director of Atlanta Kai Lin Art gallery, has created a collaborative space that brings people together to appreciate art.  Lin’s passion for the arts began at a young age. Throughout his childhood, [...]

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