Chloe Wegrzynowicz

Chloe Wegrzynowicz (24C) is from Catawissa, Pennsylvania, and hopefully majoring in Spanish and PPL. She is an avid cat lover, a fan of good stories and enjoys lifting and yoga. She aspires to attend law school and become a U.S. politician.

You Belong Here. Your Imposter Syndrome Doesn’t.

Graphic by Alison Barlow, contributing illustrator. Last August, I sat in front of my laptop during orientation. I couldn’t stop worrying about how silly I looked on Zoom. While other first-years discussed how they spent their summers reading French philosophy or learning a second language, I was thinking about how I spent mine washing dishes [...]

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Sanders Proves That Popular Culture Loses the Popular Vote

Graphic by Mia Usman, contributing illustrator I’m once again asking you to consider the viral picture that features Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Weigh the consequences of an image that shows a politician who isn’t informing anyone about politics. While attending the inauguration of the 46th U.S. President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, Sanders sat cross-armed [...]

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