Chaya Tong

Chaya Tong (25C) is from the Bay Area, California. She enjoys drawing, music and going for boba runs.

Georgia must repeal its “tampon tax.” Period.

(Emory Wheel/Alison Barlow) I am lucky that I can afford my period. I do not have to sit out of classes and activities once a month or put my daily life on hold. I don’t fear bleeding through my pants. I have enough money to buy pads and tampons. At Emory, I can get them [...]

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Emory, mandate gateway testing after Thanksgiving break

As much as I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break, part of me dreads it. It’s not the Thanksgiving family dynamics, or even the excruciating five hour flight home. But the idea of nearly 6,000 students getting on planes, spreading out across the world and then returning back to Emory almost makes me wish we [...]

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Cafeteria Critiques? Text the DCT!

Have you ever wished you could talk to the Dobbs Common Table (DCT) staff? Ask for mac and cheese Mondays or a refill on Cocoa Puffs? As of mid-September, the DCT is just a text away. Using Zingle, a text messaging system for businesses, cafes across campus are letting students provide direct feedback to food [...]

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Rating our top DCT foods this month!

We all know that the Dobb’s Common Table (DCT) food can sometimes be hard to navigate. What’s good on the menu? How do you know when you’ll end up with cold congealed pasta sauce or resort to just eating bananas and soft serve for dinner? We picked our favorite DCT dishes from the past few [...]

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