Chaya Tong

Chaya Tong (25C) is from the Bay Area, California, planning to major in English and history. She also writes for the Editorial Board. Outside of The Wheel, she enjoys drawing, music and going for boba runs.

ArtsLab makes visual arts accessible to students

One student was so grateful for the new arts space on campus, they crocheted a tiny red hat - a thank you gift of sorts. The 3D printed dog, created to wear the hat, has become both decoration and guardian, watching over the space Emory students wanted for years and finally got. When Rizky Etika [...]

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Georgia must repeal its “tampon tax.” Period.

(Emory Wheel/Alison Barlow) I am lucky that I can afford my period. I do not have to sit out of classes and activities once a month or put my daily life on hold. I don’t fear bleeding through my pants. I have enough money to buy pads and tampons. At Emory, I can get them [...]

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